1996 ITA Mazda Miata Above, you will find a number of links covering SportsCar mag’s various project car installments, other projects and the staff’s racing exploits. The early installments of the projects originally appeared in SportsCar magazine. Even if the magazine portion of the projects have been completed, further updates will be posted here.

One of the project cars  is a 1996 Mazda Miata currently setup for SCCA’s “Improved Touring A” Club Racing category. It’s not the fastest car in the world, but even in the right hands it’s a pretty quick car. In its modern iteration it has only finished off the podium once, and even then, 0.2 seconds faster and the car would have finished in third place.

The Miata has had a somewhat interesting life. It has appeared in Super Street magazine as a project car, it has appeared in Grassroots Motorsports magazine and, oddly, a photo of it has even appeared in Chevy High Performance magazine. And now it’s a SportsCar magazine project.

Project Sentra has also had an interesting existence. Early stages of that project started with the car competing in SCCA’s RallyCross competitions, where it picked up a few wins. After that, the car was converted to a road racing car for only $3,000, where it was setup as a Showroom Stock C car. The car is actively competing and, well, not winning…but it has put down some respectable lap times.

We have other projects in the works, and they will also eventually appear here.